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林陸傑 role play
Premiered in 2022
Role Play|Theatre|60 min|Available for touring

© 翁得雋

林陸傑 role play
林陸傑 role play
林陸傑 role play

© 張震洲、翁得雋

Dazed and confused feat. palaces

Premiered in 2024 16th Grasstraw Festival

林陸傑《年少時光》 feat. 吳明倫《十殿》|Theatre|45 min

© 西照日影像工作室

Dazed and confused

Premiered in 2023

“In Lin Lu-Chieh's sincere and unhurried narrative, it's hard not to imagine how the land he gazes at behind him has nurtured this young man.”

— Performing arts redefined Magazine

年少時光|Theatre|30 min|Available for touring

© 翁得雋

© 翁得雋

截圖 2021-05-11 下午8.24.11.png

birthday party

Premiered in 2019
生日派對|Theatre|50 min|Available for touring

prince and the magician

Premiered in 2021
王子與魔術師|Theatre demo|20 min

© 翁得雋

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