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林陸傑 Lin Lu-chieh

Magician /Artist /Performer

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林陸傑 Lin Lu-chieh


臺灣宜蘭人,臺灣大學戲劇所碩士。現為拾陸製作藝術總監,臺北市立大學兼任講師。接觸魔術17年,累積百場商業、街頭、私人、公益活動演出經驗。2017年起,開始以魔術作為一項藝術實踐,慣以獨角戲形式於臺灣當代劇場中呈現。作品擅長解剖個人生命經驗,加入口述,連結魔術與生活,襯托其中的不尋常。實驗將魔術輔以日常物件、文本,突破以往大眾對於魔術表演的刻板印象,作品發生於街頭、劇場、非典型空間與影像等場域。同時擔任各種形式的劇場與影像作品,以及藝文教育、演員訓練工作坊中的魔術設計與指導。曾獲選雲門流浪者計畫、兩廳院藝術基地Gap Year藝術家、兩廳院新點子實驗場藝術家、兩廳院廳院學計畫藝術家。

Lin Lu-chieh is a Taiwanese magician and theatre/performance maker. Currently serves as the artistic director of Lu Production, a theatre troupe based in Yilan, Taiwan, and is an adjunct lecturer at University of Taipei. Drawing upon his expertise in magic, Lin consistently endeavors to transcend traditional frameworks, seeking innovative ways to engage with illusions in modern theatre. His works often deconstruct personal experiences and address issues related to self-identification within Taiwanese society. Lin has also collaborated with numerous artists and companies, serving as a performer, illusion designer/instructor/consultant. He has received recognition including the 2018 Cloud Gate Wanderer Fellowship, 2019 NTCH Art Base Gap Year artist, 2021 NTCH Ideas Lab artist, and 2021 NTCH Open School Project artist.

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